So You Want to Be a Cam Model? Pt. 1

Maybe your job was cut because of quarantine, maybe you just want some extra cash or your extroversion needs some room to run. Whatever the reason that brought you to this decision to be a cam model, welcome, and I hope to help keep you safe and at the same time give some helpful advice on this new adventure.

Keeping It On the Down Low

If you have social media accounts lock them up in private, or if unused delete them. If you are using your full name anywhere, don’t. Use a nickname or first name only at the very least. Dig deep and find all those old blogs and get rid of them. The last thing you want, no matter how comfortable you think you are with this, is for someone to link back your cam experience back to any social media where friends or family or using it as any sort of leverage. Regardless of what is there will be risk. But with great rewards, there is often significant risk.

Put the precautionary work in and keep yourself safe. If you ever dreamed of running for any sort of political position or an ‘in the public eye’ kind of job. You may want to reconsider this move. You will be recorded. There really is no way around this fact. That is why locking up accounts is the best safeguard at keeping any google search from linking this to you.

When you are ready, move on to ‘So You Want to Be a Cam Model? Pt. 2’ the advertising portion of our little adventure. I’ll see you there!


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