So You Want to be a Cam Model? Pt. 2

Identity, Marketing and More

So you have locked down or deleted any unnecessary social media? Still want to be a cam model? Well then pretty people, time to make some new social media and get to marketing! There are of course still decisions to make on a personal level.


Are you going to show your face? If not there are ways to make sure you stay cropped out of frame and many sites will also let you wear a mask to hide your identity. There is also the option or wearing a wig, stage glasses, changing your makeup and other things to look just different enough that people do not recognize you. The chances can be slim that someone you know will find you on a site if they don’t know you are doing this type of work, but there is always a chance.

Depending on how vigilant you were with wiping out or locking down your private social medias there is also the chance of facial recognition. But, with great reward there is going to be risk. Be prepared. Other things to keep in mind is geoblocking, the act of locking out certain areas like your home state or country that can greatly reduce the odds of someone you know finding you.


Are you going to make up an identity? If yes, research it. You can’t be a video game nerd without the knowledge. You can’t be a goth or emo if you are not familiar with the culture. If you are going down this route, take notes and construct the persona or fetish profile very carefully. Learn it and live it if you want to use this as another facet of disguise. You will need to maintain it and not get caught up in a lie.

The other choice is the easy one, be yourself. No need to reveal your identity, age, or other things but your own honest personality can be a big draw as well for a lot of your followers. You do not have to change who you are, morals, values or any of it in order to find followers. There is a market for everyone and there will always be people who want to see your content whatever you do.

Get a name. Not as easy as it sounds for some. But think about this. Something easy to remember, that you are going to use and be known by for as long as you do this. Coming up with a new name in most cases is going to involve starting all over again from square one. In the beginning it is easier to bounce from name to name but eventually you are going to want something that you can stick with.

And now, Marketing


Possibly one of the best places to advertise yourself and even advertise your other social media accounts. There are sub reddits for everything. Body types, fetishes, outfits, hair color and ages. Just find the sub reddits you fit and start posting. Some reddits will require some karma. This is the currency in reddit, easily gained by commenting on posts and getting upvotes on said comments.

So the key here is to participate. Start posting and commenting immediately to build your karma. Read the rules in the subs that you participate in and don’t break the rules or you can run the risk of being banned. It will also give you an idea of what is allowed and the content. Read the posts in the subreddit as well to see what gets upvotes. There are many camming subs that you can follow as well to get help and tips. Make contacts and talk to people, find out what works and use it.


Growth here can be slow. Join some active engagement groups in your niche. Or find some other cam models to follow and communicate with. Follow their followers. Or use a reddit post with a nice little note ‘follow me on Twitter and message me your reddit handle for a free nude!’ works quite well to build a following. Twitter is a little more relaxed with showing nude content, but be sure to label your profile appropriately NSFW or risk being shadowbanned.

Don’t spam, read the rules. Seriously the FAQ and rules to all of these sites are very important. If you are going to be a success the rules must be followed. This is your advertising, don’t jeopardize it. Post frequently but not to the point of being spammy. And put up links to your cam room, onlyfans or other sites.


Instagram is a great platform and statistically people on instagram are more likely to spend. However you cannot post nudity here and have to be very careful on just how much you show or risk bans. This is one of those cases where making multiple pages can be favorable. Keeping a free and open instagram for advertising when you are going live in stories, or putting up 2-3 posts weekly in your feed to keep people engaged.

A separate account can be made and sold to your followers for personal conversation and other things. Having private conversations with followers is going to engage them more. It will also help them get that intimate connection that so many of them want. Again, advertise your instagram using reddit or twitter as you grow followers.

Alternatively search tags of like models and follow their followers. In the beginning you are only able to follow 20 people per hour. There is an upper limit on daily so do not over do it or you will run the risk of being shadowbanned. Again, follow the rules.

There are many more methods but this will get you started. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to contact me! I do currently help a few cam models in growing their sites. As well as looking at other platforms for growth. I can give information, the next step just depends on you and how much work you are willing to put into you.

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