So you have decided to dive into the wonderful world of adult cams. You chose Chaturbate and you chose well. Boasting the largest amount of models as well as the largest audience you are stepping into what is going to be an engaging and entertaining new past time. However, now you are curious. What are these ‘tokens’?

So what are Chaturbate Tokens?

Tokens are the currency of the Chaturbate adult cam site. With tokens you can purchase the ability to have a private one on one conversation with a model, pay for a private show, spy on a show, tip for an action from a model’s menu, play a game of chance and so much more. Tokens are more than just a currency though. As you will notice the spending of tokens will change the color of your name in chat, this will get you a lot more attention as your status as a spender grows. Models take note of the color of the viewers in chat and many times this is something that can earn you a little extra attention. Over time this color does begin to wear off and you will slowly move down the ranks. So the effort to maintain a certain color status can be addicting but very rewarding.

How much do Chaturbate Tokens cost and how can I purchase them?

Of course the next question obviously is: How much is this going to cost me? Well the lowest package available starts at $10.99 U.S. and gives you 100 tokens. Not much, but a good start. The chart below details the rest of the spending tiers:

Chaturbate tokens
Chaturbate tokens

As you can see, the more you buy the cheaper each individual token becomes. So more spent equals more tokens to use. Fortunately for the purchaser there are several options for payment and Chaturbate is a large enough company to be able to mask the purchase on your bank notice. Yes, you can relax as there is not going to be a line on your ledger saying Chaturbate token purchase. Regardless there are also several ways to go about acquiring tokens for use in the following payment options.

Credit / Debit card


Wire Transfer


**That’s right, you can turn that BTC into some sex acts easily with a few clicks :).

Chaturbate Token Value

That big pile of tokens you just purchased that came with that nice chunk of bonus coins, does that mean that the model I tip is going to receive devalued payment? Not at all. That is the great part of it. As a platform Chaturbate of course has some overhead and needs to pay their bills and make a profit to keep improving and updating the site. So right off the top of anything you spend, they take half. Not half the tokens, but half of what you spent.

To a model, every token is worth $.05, or $5 per 100 tokens earned. So no matter what you spend per token with the value ranging from 10.9 cents per token to 7.9 cents per token depending on how many you purchase and the bonus amount given the model gets the same flat rate.

Take into consideration there are occasionally other hands in the cookie jar in the form of studios, cam model managers and other mentors or business fronts. In many of those cases the model is only receiving half of the previously mentioned value or less. Many of these entities will leave the model only earning $2.50 per 100 tokens earned.

What about free tokens?

There are of course, a few ways to acquire tokens for free. Invite a friend and earn 10 tokens, recruit a model and you will get 500 after they earn their first $20.

If you like to spend and have the money to do so, you can also earn 200 tokens by filling out the Spending Limit Increase Form which will also allow you to purchase higher than the 2200 token a day basic maximum.

Lastly there is the VIP Premium Membership program. Not only does this offer and additional reward of 200 tokens, but with the membership cost of $19.95 (lower than the price of buying 200 tokens) you also receive the ability to send a private message to anyone including broadcasters, gifs on the model selection screen and an ad free interface. Depending on how much you enjoy the perks, you may want to cancel before the month ends as it does have an automatic renewal and you only get the bonus tokens once.

Now you can consider yourself informed. Get over there and start having fun~!!

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